12801129_931979433564525_3346078345220277941_nJoplinMOW was started by Jim Zerkel, Jr. and his daughter, Kay Zerkel, in March 2015. The company was borne out of Jim’s crazy dream to mow off into the sunset with his bluetooth headphones blaring and his LED headlights shining.

Jim Zerkel, Jr. previously worked at Snyder Construction Company and Snyder Bridge Company his entire career. His grandfather, Omer Snyder, began the company in the 1940’s. He began as a laborer working in the field, then moved into heavy hauling and eventually managed the Snyder trucking division. In the mid-2000’s, Jim Zerkel, Sr. handed the reigns to his sons, and Jim Jr. took on the role of president. In 2015, after nearly 80 years of bridge building, highway paving, mine waste remediation, and everything in between, Snyder’s closed its doors. A new, slightly smaller chapter of Jim’s construction career began!

Kay Zerkel began Springboard Marketing in Joplin in 2012, working with locally-owned small businesses to help them make a bigger marketing splash. She partnered with JimĀ from JoplinMOW’s conception, managing the bookkeeping, marketing, and general organization of the company (and her dad).

JoplinMOW is a full-service lawn care company, offering year-round services for both commercial and residential lawns. Click a service below for more information or check out our services menu to your right!

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