Is It Spring Yet?

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Dear Readers,


Phew!  We are so relieved that the snow is gone!  Don’t get us wrong…we were grateful to have the opportunity to help so many of you by shoveling your driveways, business parking lots, and roads.  While so many were cozy in their home (where they should be), our crew was out and about plowing, laying salt…and getting pretty cold.

As much fun as we had (and as thankful as we are for the business!), we’ve always been green thumbs.  So we’re so excited to see the first signs of Spring.

In our own backyard, we decided to go a new route this season.  We got rid of the mulch and filled in our planters with these lovely stones.  You can already see the new roots and shoots!  Our French bulldogs, Hoz and Piper, are getting used to the change in “their” yard.

Jim is gearing up for one of his favorite things…his veggie garden!  We should actually call it his “salsa garden” because the majority of things grown go into making his world-famous salsa.  Below, you’ll see where just some of our many tomato vines will go.

We’ve covered the dirt in the vegetable patch with ash to help it rest and get ready for planting.  Usually, we grow tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, jalapeños, and herbs.  We’ve got sweet potatoes planted in the front, but we leave them there throughout the summer because we love the long vines!  Any different veggies we should try out?

We’re also thrilled to announce that our new magnolia tree is doing wonderfully well!  We’ve transplanted it from a neighbor’s yard (with permission, of course) and it’s taken to its new surroundings.  It looks small and thin for now, but give it a few years.  Magnolia trees grow to be strong, with gorgeous, shiny leaves and big, beautiful flowers.  We can’t wait!

What are you doing for your spring garden?  If you’re in need of ideas, help, or even a Ph test of the soil, you know who to call (Hint: 417-437-0018).


From our backyard to yours, we’re wishing you happy days while waiting for spring!



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