July in Joplin!

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Dear Readers,


Who out there is enjoying those 6 a.m. sunrises?  It’s summer and that means more light, even if your kids (and our dogs) want to sleep in.  The time to take advantage of these longer days is now, though. Why? Well, now that summer solstice is behind us, that actually means that the days are getting shorter…so soak up as much sun as possible for now!  And we hope you’re doing that in your beautiful lawn.

The plants in our yard seem to just be going crazy with all this sunshine.  We’ve spent quite a bit of our time splitting up overgrown plants. Don’t forget that plants need room in the ground to spread their roots and room above ground to get the sunshine they need.  When flowers and plants get too crowded, they compete for nutrients in the soil and time out of the shade. So split them up and spread them around!

All Missourians know that summer means INTENSE heat, which is of course what we’ve been having.  So we are grateful for the occasional rain storm! It’s nice for us because it cools everything down for just a little while.  It’s also nice to not have to get up and water everything. Don’t forget to turn off your irrigation system when the rain comes…your yard is thirsty, yes, but give it time to soak up all that rain first!  Then just stand back and watch everything you’ve planted perk up and just look happier (that’s what happened to our bushes and flowers!).


Wishing you a continued happy summer from our backyard to yours!



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