Our Winter Lawn

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From our backyard to yours…


Dear Readers,


Our friends and family know just how much Jim and I love our yard.  I could spend every day outside taking care of my plants and flowers, while Jim would be happy mowing the lawn or looking after his vegetable patch.  And it doesn’t hurt that our French Bulldogs, Hoz and Piper, are constantly begging to go out back and play catch…


But it’s that time of year where the cold and dark have made it to where we spend a little more of our day inside the house than outside.  And our attention is currently focused on getting the Christmas tree taken down and the rest of our home reset after the holidays.  Jim worked furiously outside hanging Christmas lights not only on our house, but on many of yours, our precious Joplin MOW customers!  And it’s already time to take them down again.   


The yard isn’t being neglected, though.  Because a good yard in Spring and Summer means maintenance in Fall and Winter!  We’ve trimmed the mums which have only recently lost their blooms.  We’ve been raking up all the leaves.  Our beautiful sweet potato vines died after the first frost (as all sweet potato vines do!), so we yanked them up and found HUGE sweet potatoes underneath.  Our holly bushes have bright berries, our Christmas cactus is blooming, and our liriope has been trimmed as well.  There are squirrels still running about collecting their acorns, as well as bluebirds and cardinals flying around.  The other day, we noticed a huge swarm of something out back and realized they were ladybugs!  Apparently, they search for a southern-facing wall for the winter…I had to look it up to understand what was happening!  But we’re thrilled by their presence.  Ladybugs, birds, squirrels…these are all signs of a healthy and happy yard.


While we enjoy the start of a new year, we want to thank you for trusting Joplin MOW to take care of your lawn-building needs throughout 2017.  We’re wishing you a happy new year and look forward to working for you in 2018!






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