Time for Planning

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Dear Readers,


If January was any indication of what the rest of 2018 is going to be like, we have a busy year ahead of us!  Although surely snow won’t keep us so busy all year long…


Before the snow even hit the ground, Jim and his great team started receiving requests to go out and prepare roads and parking lots for the upcoming “blizzard”.  And then when the snow finally came, the guys were out until almost midnight shoveling away.  Most people spent the day cozy inside their homes, but our team had probably their busiest day yet.  We’re grateful to be of service to all of the homes and businesses that called on us to take care of them!  


I consulted the Farmer’s Almanac and apparently we might be in for more snow here in February.  So now is simply the time to plan your spring and summer yard.  


I always start by consulting pictures from the year before (yes, I have pictures of my yard on my phone!  I love it that much!).  This is when I decide if there are things I want to change.  Are there flowers I’d like to give a try?  Are there different vegetables I want Jim to plant back in the garden?  I love this time of planning and research.  You can get online to look for inspiration or pick up a few gardening magazines to get an idea of different plants and flowers that are popular at the moment.  


But dreaming isn’t enough!  If you don’t have a local gardening store that’s your favorite yet, it’s time to find that as well.  Find out the best places in town for your seeds and seedlings.  


I love to mix perennials and annuals in our yard.  We have perennial crepe myrtle trees planted all around that come back every year and add that perfect pop of color, as well as provide us with a bit of privacy.  We also recovered a beautiful magnolia tree from neighbors down the street who had decided to remove it.  We’re going to plant it out front and cross our fingers that it survives in its new settings.  


Hoz and Piper, our French bulldogs, stay warm inside most of the day, but they’re looking forward to getting back outside as much as I am!


From our backyard to yours, we’re wishing you all a happy February!



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