Weather in the Midwest

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Hello, Readers!


If you live here in the Four States, then you know that the biggest challenge we’ve had recently is the fluctuating temperatures.  We can’t really complain, it’s just part of life here in the Midwest! One day it’s 70 degrees and you’re out in the backyard, grilling, enjoying all the flowers in bloom…a few days later, you’re putting the grill away and scrambling to save those same flowers and bushes because the temperature has fallen below freezing.  

We can’t control the weather but we do everything we can here to preserve our beautiful yard.  The best advice we can give for now is to cover everything up when the cold comes in. That extra layer makes a big difference (don’t think so?  Try sleeping without a blanket tonight and see how well you do!). Take advantage of the sunny days and the warm weather that’s slowly making its way here, and don’t forget to always water and prune.  The rest is out of your hands!

Even if the weather isn’t always ideal, we’re still very happy at Joplin MOW because of all the many people who have trusted us with their private or commercial lawns.  It’s mowing season! And mowing is what Jim loves best. He and the crew have been busy tending to so many lawns…and they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our French bulldogs, Hoz and Piper, don’t care too much for the lawn mower but they do love the end results.  So fingers crossed that there are more and more beautiful days, less cold, and more time to spend out back with you and your loved ones.  


From our backyard to yours, we’re wishing you a happy end to your spring!



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